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Sultry | Playful| Confident

The term Pin-Up was coined as an photographic style which was printed then pinned up on a wall.  The photographs concealed just enough to be innocent and scandalous all at the same time.  Pin-Up photography was most popular in the 1940's & 50's where flirtatious suggestion and focus on the subject was key.  

Get dolled up and become a Pin-Up bombshell! Vintage Photography will provide you with vintage-inspired Pin-Up photographs artistically created to show off your individuality and personal style.

Film Noir Photography

Pin-Up Portraiture Photography in Edmonton

Pin-Up Photography

Film Noir and Old Hollywood Portraiture Photography in Edmonton

Mystery | Intrigue | Elegance 

The term Film Noir was introduced in the 1940's to describe a black & white movie style.  In photography, it  produces mysterious and sexy black and white photographs with the glamour and elegance of  Old Hollywood.

Transform yourself into an Old Hollywood cinematic character from the 1940's and 50's.  Vintage Photography will provide you with black and white photographs that exude sensuality and sophistication.

Edmonton Pin-up & Film Noir Portrait Photography at its finest through Creative Photography also considered Fine Art Photography and Black and White Photography.  We offer our customers and/or experienced models a once in a lifetime experience.  

We coach everyone to understand the principal in classic posing and to looking their best. Everyone can do this. We are committed to delivering a portrait that is a masterpiece and instant classic.

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