Edmonton Pin-up & Film Noir Portrait Photography at its finest through Creative Photography also considered Fine Art Photography and Black and White Photography.  We offer our customers and/or experienced models a once in a lifetime experience.  

We coach everyone to understand the principal in classic posing and to looking their best. Everyone can do this. We are committed to delivering a portrait that is a masterpiece and instant classic.

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Meet Chad

My background stems from my love of art, drawing, graphic design and marketing.  I have completed many photography classes including travel, HDR, portrait lighting and wedding photography.  I spend most of my spare time studying new techniques from online seminars and specialty classes with photographers from around the world.  I will never stop learning new and exciting techniques to bring into our photographs.

My focus during our time together is to capture who you are and to ensure not a detail is missed.  I am also the creative genius behind all the finished photographs.  I've mastered the art in Photoshop and I love creating the one-of-a-kind vintage photographs with you as the star! 

During the photography shoot, I am typically the one behind the camera and lighting set-up and Dre takes on the role of both posing coach and prop set up.  This combination works well so that you are given our undivided attention both behind and in front of the camera.  When we wrap up our time together, you will have forgotten all about the camera and just end up having an amazing time with us.  

Fun Facts about Chad:
  • Born and raised in Quebec with military parents.

  • Bi-lingual in both French and English.

  • Loves superheroes, poutine and PC gaming.

  • Craft beer enthusiast.

  • Night owl life-long learner in all things technology.

  • Hopeless romantic.

Photographer | Lighting Director | Digital Artist

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